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The Advantages of Using a Cloud Based PBX





















One of the biggest advantages of cloud PBX phone has to do with your bottom line! That's right, money! When it comes down to it, money is one of the biggest reasons to go with a cloud based PBX system. There is a lot of money and time involved with installing, repairing, managing, and training your staff with a traditional PBX phone system. With a cloud telephone system. All of these things are vastly improved, if not completely removed from the equation.


Another giant plus when looking at Grandstream IP Telephone System is the management and upkeep costs. Because these systems are powered by VoIP technology, the calling plans are cheaper than normal telephone company plans. Long distance charges are a thing of the past, and you can even get local call in numbers in almost any area you need. This alone will help to increase your company's profit margins!


You should get a PBX phone for the wide array of features it has, which will help to improve your business. Below is an overview of the typical features you will find in the phones.


? Administer all account settings online through easy to use interface, and view billing history and statements

? Set permissions/multiple roles that allow limited access for end users

? End Users can manage their own extension settings Set Caller ID

? Select any number on your account to appear as your caller ID

? Keep all messages in a single unified inbox - access and manage all messages from your existing inbox

? All Message Types - Supports voice, fax, and email messages


Disadvantages of Cloud PBX

So, what are the disadvantages of using a cloud PBX? For the most part there isn't really any major disadvantages but you should be aware of one thing that could negatively affect your call quality, and that's your internet connection. If your company has a poor internet connection the call quality may be effected.  Know more facts about telephone systems at


Now that we are moving further and further into the high speed era though, this is becoming less of an issue. Not many companies have internet connections that couldn't handle a cloud hosted PBX phone system. Even if your internet connection isn't up to par, upgrading your connection is an easy process and would still save your business a ton of money over a traditional PBX phone system.


The above is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of cloud PBX phone system of the IT Solution Company in Dubai.